Tell me how to use this site

Navigation Hints:

  • Clicking the site logo on the top left section takes you to the site home page. From there you can change your activity, read news/bulletin/FAQ items on the site, and check the weather amongst other things.
  • Once you have selected an activity, clicking the activity name on the top right section takes you to the activity home page. From the activity home page, you can register into an activity, check schedules, view standings, post results, etc.
  • Once you have logged in, the link My Profile in the top section will take you to a page providing links to your information including activity registrations, family registration, playing record, updating username/password, etc.
  • Generally there are many clickable links on the site in texts or in images. We encourage you to play around on the site to find your navigation options.
  • For more hints and help, you can always use the Help page. You can also browse through the site's FAQs or our Site Map

  • General Instructions:
    Please read through all the instructions below, before clicking through any of the links

    1. Site Registration: The first thing you should do is register yourself on the site. However, to avoid multiple registrations on the site, you may want to check if you are already registered. We will use the email address that you or your activity administrator may have used to register you to validate if you are already registered.
    2. Search for Activity: Once you are a member of this site, find your activity by browsing through our catalog of activities. Once you find your organization, click on the activity of interest to you. This loads the web-site for the activity. If registration is open you will find a link to register into the activity.
    3. Register into Activity: Follow the instructions on the registration page, and click through the rest of the pages. Once completed, you will be registered for the activity. You can then login, view standings, view schedules, post results, etc.